NFL Season Preview - Long-shot Super Bowl Pick

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by Free Picks USA - 7/12/2019 11:43 PM Share
2019 NFL odds and pickThe 2019 NFL season fast approaches. And for most sports bettors, it cannot come soon enough. Baseball is fun and all but football is where the action is.

There is unusual excitement for this season because of the up and coming teams. You have the Rams who have a young group of star players in Jared Goff, Todd Gurley III and Aaron Donald. They dominated last season only to fall to the older veteran New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

You also have the Kansas City Chiefs with their explosive record breaking QB Patrick Mahomes. They will be a real force as the defense starts coming into their own. After all, that's what makes a great team, Great offense and stingy defense.

But then you have the veteran teams. New Orleans, with certain Hall of Famer Drew Brees came within just one missed pass interference call of making it to the Super Bowl. Will the hangover from that experience be too much for the Saints and their 40 year-old quarterback to recover from? Possibly.

I think this season is ripe for a team that is currently considered mediocre to come out and take the league by storm. I like looking for value and high payouts when it comes to odds payouts. This is why I am currently focused on betting the Atlanta Falcons with NFL Odds at +3646 to win Super Bowl 54. Stopped laughing yet? Hear me out.

Just two seasons ago the Falcons were a quarter and a half away from winning the Super Bowl. As you probably know, they collapsed in the second half to give Tom Brady and the Patriots their record sixth Super Bowl win.

At the helm is hungry and efficient QB Matt Ryan. You can bet he will be going all out. The 34 year old knows that he probably has less than a dozen years to get it done.

RB Devonta Freeman is an Pro Bowl caliber Running Back who was injured and missed 14 games last season. He will be back in full force.

WR Julio Jones may be the best receiver in the game. He may have another record breaking season.

The Falcons addressed their offensive line issues. They picked up some players including Kaleb McGary in the draft to secure Matt Ryan's blindside. More time in the pocket equals more completion and more touchdowns.

Also returning is half of the Falcons defense. Yes, half of it. Because that is how much of it was injured last season. LB Deion Jones is a force to be reckoned with.

All these facts make the Falcons a serious contender in my eyes. And at +3646 the Falcons are worth the investment.

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