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by Sportsbook Advisor - 3/10/2022 4:48 PM

For more than a decade, the Gonzaga Bulldogs have been one of the most-watched NCAA Tournament teams. Getting beyond the first weekend felt a lot like winning the Super Bowl at this program two decades ago.

If they don't make it to the Final Four these days, it's a disaster. Last year, Gonzaga came close to joining the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers and making history. It was a bitter pill to chew after losing to Baylor in the national championship game. Fortunately, head coach Mark Few and the Bulldogs have continued to rise from the ashes of failure. They're stacked again, and they'll be at the top of every poll.

After decades of close defeats, Gonzaga will be seeking its first NCAA championship. In the previous six tournaments, Gonzaga has lost in the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and national championship. Their moment should be approaching, but they have a long way to go before they can boast the records that they have amassed with an actual trophy. Because the NCAA Tournament is often wild, upsets are inevitable.

Gonzaga is certainly the favorite to win it all again in the new season. Last season, they came close to succeeding, but they fell short. The roaster has lots of experience, having been in two of the last four finals.

Unfortunately, the experiences have been negative, and many people fear they have been cursed. By coming through and winning it all, they can silence the skeptics.

Since Mark Few arrived two decades ago, Gonzaga has been knocking on the door. They are still undefeated in the regular season, but that isn't enough. This team is desperate to win a national championship, but they keep falling short.

The following are the major reasons why Gonzaga will disappoint this season and fail to win a championship.

-Shooters are in short supply.

There were times last season when Gonzaga didn't care whether they were down in a game. Gonzaga went on a 12-0 run thanks to a couple of open jumpers and offensive boards. The Bulldogs' season will be a little different this year.

Andrew Nembhard is back, but no sharpshooter compares to Corey Kispert. Kispert was seldom cold in games, and he could outshoot opposition teams on his own. Jalen Suggs, a streaky shooter who will be difficult to replace, is also gone.

Without as many dominating guards, they may be more prone to terrible shooting nights.

They'll also be shooting more high-percentage shots, which might put Timme and Holmgren in greater foul trouble.

Gonzaga's offense won't be as dynamic since they'll be a slower team with two 7-footers on the field most of the time. Timme can take a step back and take a deep shot now and again, but Gonzaga's pace will be slower than in 2020-21. No team is flawless, which makes it difficult for a roaster eager for its first national championship to win a competitive NCAA title.

Lack of Power Conference

Following Gonzaga, the West Coast Conference has been a challenge. The league may improve as the season progresses, but it will never be able to compete with the ACC, Big Ten, or Big 12. Millions have been spent on those power conferences, and they are among the country's most prestigious events.

Since 1999, Gonzaga has dominated the WCC, winning all but five conference tournaments.

Their conference tournament concludes more than a week before the dance. Many people wonder whether their lack of competition will continue to be the reason they can't breakthrough. There will be doubts until the squad wins a championship, but as of now, despite being favored a top online sportsbooks, we can only see them retaining their favorite status but, once again, falling short at the final hurdle as we have seen all too often.

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