Super Bowl 52 Line Movement Report

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by Sportsbook Advisor - 1/29/2018 6:09 PM Share

The Super Bowl is just six days away and the country is gearing up for a good one. This is the Patriots we know and have seen 1000 times vs an Eagles team that has been building over the last several years and now is at a fever pitch.

The problem for Eagles fans is they don't know if they are getting their best shot withOUT the starter and stud QB Carson Wentz out injured and back up Nick Foles in the starting role. Foles has had success in his last few games and they absolutely smashed the Vikings 8 days ago.

So the hypothetical line before the matchup was even decided was NE -7 if they were to play Philly. But NE went on to have a close game with Jacksonville and Philly smashed the Vikings so that impacts the psyche of the bettor, way more than it should many argue. The line came out at NE -6. It has since been bet down to NE -4.5

You don't have to work real hard to see what I am saying. There may be value in NE, seeing how it is a full two and a half points lower than the official hypothetical line that was published less than just a few weeks ago.

It will be interesting to see the way this game get bet between now and kickoff in six days. Could it come down to NE -3.5 or even a flat FG? Time will tell.

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